«Enhancement of human resources in First Reception Centers” -financed in its entity by the Emergency Assistance of the Internal Security Fund (100%)

First Reception Service (FRS) as the main responsible public entity for the management of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who enter the Greek territory, implemented the action titled “Enhancement of human resources in First Reception Centers”, as a beneficiary, via a signed Grant Agreement.

The project was funded by the Emergency Assistance of the Internal Security Fund – Borders in its entity (100%) and its duration was eleven (11) months, with the starting date defined to be the 1stApril 2016. According to amendment of the time framework of the eligibility period, the action completed on the 28th February 2017.

The programme aimed to cover staffing costs of First Reception Centers in Greek territory in order to strengthen country’s reception capacity for the effective management of TCNs entering irregularly Greek borders.

In general, this action was mandatory for making First Reception Centers (FRCs) fully operational by increasing significantly the number of specialized staff engaged in reception and asylum procedures, aiding at the same time all the other tasks that were obligatory in the FRCs.

Finally, as regards the impact on the target groups or other groups affected by the project, its implementation ensures a protected and safe support of people residing in the FRCs, concerning all the key procedures of reception services being provided within.