Special Secretariat of Reception - Ministry of Migration and Asylum

Reception and Identification Service is an independent agency under the General Secretariat of Migration Policy, Reception and Asylum, and  Special Secretariat of Reception of Ministry of Migration and Asylum. Mission of the Reception and Identification Service is the effective management of third country nationals who cross the Hellenic borders without legal documents and/or procedures, under conditions that respect their dignity, by placing them in first reception procedures. Reception and Identification Service is created by Law 4375/2016. Its organization and operation is according to the Presidential Decree No. 122/2017.

It should be noted that article 116 of Law 4636/2019 as well as article 11 of Law 4622/2019 are also mentioned for the Reception and Identification Service. Recently, reference is also made to article 1 of Presidential Decree 4 / 2020.